According to Zig Ziglar, we build our character from the bricks of habit we pile up daily. And it is remarkable how tiny habit changes add up to make a vast difference in your life. So, if you want to change your life, start by making small changes in your behaviour patterns.

Change implies courage, which is often difficult to do on your own. In coaching, I facilitate the process of change through habit and behaviour tracking. Every little habit is part of a larger system, and every change impacts the whole system. Jack Canfield says, “Your habits will determine your life”. Therefore it is crucial to choose your habits carefully.

I provide the following online or face-to-face services to help you do that.

1. Habit assessment and report services

I use an Artificial Intelligence System to assess your current habits and behaviour patterns. You complete it online and receive a report describing your unique habits. I follow it up with a 60-minute session to explain the strong warrior weapons that enable you to cope in any situation.

Reports vary according to your specific needs:

  • Personal feedback report
  • Career report
  • Study report
  • Skills report
  • Relationship report

2. Coaching services

Career Coaching

With career coaching, I facilitate a process that aligns your habits with the following:

  • Choose the best subjects to ensure you can realize your ideal career possibilities
  • Guidance for choosing a new optimal career
  • Career development for people who want to optimize a current career path

Study methods coaching

Study methods coaching helps you to align your strongest habits with the best way to study. It also includes tips for distance learning.

Fulfilment Coaching

Do you feel that your life could be better? Then fulfilment coaching is for you. With this process, I meet you where you are and walk you where you want to be. It is always better to have a helping hand when you feel unsure about a challenging situation.

Personal Development Coaching

With personal development coaching, we focus on specific habits you want to strengthen. The process enables you to work on aspects like self-motivation, resilience, innovation, frustration handling and many more.

Relationship Coaching

Relationships are important in every area of life. Relationship coaching may be the answer when you have a challenging relationship with a colleague, a friend, your partner, or your child. Learn more about each other and how your habits work together or against each other. It will enable you to find a better way forward.

Let me help you change your habits so you can change your life.

WhatsApp me now at 072 894 7044 for an appointment, or message me to learn more about the process.

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