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About The Klaen Community

I stumbled on the idea of Klaen in 2021. I was sick with Covid-19 and deeply under the impression of suffering worldwide. The effects of the pandemic were disastrous, and I knew that life would not be the same again. As a widow, I live alone and have nobody to look after me. But caring women in my life brought me medicine and food. I have always had a heart for women, but during Covid-19, I realised how strong they are. And they are even more powerful as a group. However, during my years as a psychologist, I found that women do not always recognise how tough they are.

I wondered how I could help as many women as possible to become aware of their inner strength. The idea of a group, a clan of women taking hands and supporting each other, kept popping up. Eventually, the idea of a women’s magazine resonated in my heart. Even though there are many magazines for women available, I wanted this one to be different. And so Klaen magazine, a mini online magazine for women, was born.

Klaen is the phonetic spelling of the word clan, and therefore the pronunciation is the same. The primary purpose of the mini-magazine is to create awareness of the courage and resilience in every single woman. I want to empower women to choose growth and reach worthy goals.

Additionally, Klaen aims to bring like-minded women together to support each other. A clan is a community of people that are united by common interests. So, Klaen members are connected by the need for objective and non-judgemental support. It helps to know that you are not alone with your struggles and challenges.

So, please subscribe and become part of our online community. And participate in discussions because you can add value to another woman’s life!

About Klaen

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