Klaen Perspective: Compassion

Klaen Perspective: Compassion

This edition of Klaen was long overdue. But I am grateful to be healthy after two consecutive back operations. It was a challenging time, but I was utterly taken aback by the kindness and compassion total strangers showed during the ordeal. It made me realize that it makes the world a much better place.

In “The astonishing results of living with true compassion,” you can read about the difference one little act of compassion can make. Additionally, you will discover why it is essential to be compassionate and what the qualities of a compassionate person are.

You may wonder what compassion is. The good news is that it is a skill that you learn. And in “9 Easy ways to become more compassionate,” you will find ways to commit to compassion. Once you are devoted to compassionate acts, it becomes a habit and eventually becomes integrated into your character.

The best time to learn compassion is when you are young. Therefore, your child will benefit hugely if you teach her from a tender age. You can find tips in Simple ways to successfully cultivate compassion in your child.”  Furthermore, you can help her to be non-judgemental and brave in the face of suffering in the world. Your compassionate child may make a considerable difference in somebody’s life.

And then you must know about self-compassion. You can hardly be kind to others if you are not kind to yourself. Find ways to be kind to yourself in How to make Self- Compassion your Superpower.” You can read about the importance of self-compassion and then find ways to be kind to yourself.

Lastly, you will find a new hobby that you can try. Read more in Love yourself unconditionally with meditation.” Meditation provides an easy way to find a calm, tranquil space to relax and unwind. It has a massive benefit for your physical and mental health. Try it out!

Hopefully, this edition will empower you to commit to a compassionate life. Please share the magazine with like-minded family and friends. Together we can compassionately make the world a better place!

Compassion is the greatest form of love humans have to offer.

– Rachael Joy Scott

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