Spoil yourself with a new hobby

Spoil yourself with a new hobby

You may wonder why you must spoil yourself with a new hobby. In the article “Spoil yourself with special time alone,” you can read how vital time alone is. You can significantly enhance the benefits of alone time if you couple it with a hobby that you take pleasure in. In addition, you can share hobbies with like-minded people. It can enhance the experience of doing and sharing something that gives you pleasure. And hobbies have many advantages on various levels. 

Why are hobbies important?

A hobby allows you to spend time on activities you enjoy and are not attached to other commitments. You do it exclusively for your own personal benefit. It will significantly increase your happiness and satisfaction with your life. 

Hobbies enrich your life. It is fun to do. When you spend time on an activity that you love, it will improve your mental health. You are less likely to experience low mood, depression, and stress. Apart from that, it enriches your life and allows you to learn new skills. So let us look at the benefits of various hobbies.

Physical benefits

The physical benefits of hobbies are numerous. Physical hobbies like swimming, hiking, camping, yoga, and martial arts enhance the function of your brain. It increases energy, builds muscles, and strengthens bones. Physical activities also lower blood pressure and assist in weight loss. 

Physical benefits

Mental benefits

Hobbies take our minds off daily concerns and pressure. It allows us to relax and gives us a sense of accomplishment and control. It increases our self-confidence and self-esteem. And hobbies can help you to transition into retirement. It may not be easy to find a purpose in life after retirement, and an exciting hobby may provide the challenge and drive to live a content life. 

Hobbies that may enhance mental and emotional health are painting or drawing, coloring, listening to music, photography, cooking, and gardening.

Social benefits

The social benefits of taking part in hobbies are numerous. Social hobbies allow you to meet like-minded people and make new friends. A common interest enables you to form special bonds with people. You can use the social platform Meet Up to find people with the same interests. It is a global platform where you can meet people and learn new things. You can join an existing group and create a new group. But, there are more ways to find groups in your vicinity or online. Hobbies like discussing philosophy, trying new technology, playing music, playing games, discussing books in a book club, and investing in real estate are social hobbies that will also enhance your social skills. So, take the time and spoil yourself with a new hobby!

Spoil yourself with a new hobby


You may want to enjoy hobbies that allow you to improve yourself. Perhaps you want to become a competent public speaker or learn a new language. Maybe you may want to become more heart-healthy or lose weight. Hobbies can make you a more interesting person. You can learn interesting new skills and share them with people. Or you can become more knowledgeable in certain areas, improving your confidence and boosting your self-esteem. A hobby will help you grow in several ways.


A hobby can be beneficial when you do not have a creative outlet in your day job. We all are creative in different ways, and you can train your brain to be even more resourceful. Creative hobbies will allow you to put your creativity into practice and develop it further. Creative hobbies include writing, calligraphy, drawing and painting, cake-decorating, soap making, quilting, knitting, crocheting, and jewelry-making.

There are many options to choose from, but you must find an exciting and challenging hobby to entice you to stick with it. But how do you find a hobby that you are passionate about?

Creative benefits

How to find a hobby that fits you

  • Fortunately, everyone has a passion. You may not have discovered your passion yet, and then it can be challenging to find a hobby that will excite you. You can use the following tips to help you find a hobby that can energize you.
  • Think about what you enjoyed as a child. What did you prefer to do when you had time available? Did you like physical activities, handcrafts, reading, drawing, or playing an instrument? Perhaps you had exciting collections. Find out how you can translate that into your adult life.  
  • Maybe you had a project that you enjoyed, which made you forget about time. It may be something you can pursue that can become a hobby.
  • Visit places that can trigger ideas. Walk around in a sports store, craft store, bookstore, or music shop. Which sport, craft, book, or instrument catches your attention? Can it become a hobby that may interest you?
  • Think about the things that make you relax. What helps you to unwind? Are there any past hobbies that gave you a sense of enjoyment? What have you stopped doing that gave you a sense of purpose?
  • What do you buy when you want to spoil yourself? Perhaps you purchase plants for your garden, a beautiful piece of fabric, or more colored pens than you need. Is that an interest that you can change into a hobby?
  • Is there something that you want to change about yourself? Perhaps you want to learn a new skill like playing an instrument or learning a new language. You may be interested in coding or animation. There are many online courses available to help you improve yourself. A hobby that makes you grow can enhance your career.


A good hobby makes the time fly by. When you are busy with a pleasant hobby, you may miss lunch or dinner because you are absorbed. You go into a flow, which means you lose track of time and issues. Flow is a concept founded by a psychologist named Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. It refers to being in a place of optimal experience. It is the same space you want to be in when you are busy with your hobby. 

Below you will find some hobbies that may help you choose.

Spoil yourself with a new hobby: A shortlist.

There are numerous possibilities of hobbies that you can choose from. The list serves to give you an idea of what is available. There are many more options that you can find on the internet. Wikipedia has an extensive list of ideas that you can check out. Try some until you find the one that excites you. Once you find it, you will always have something stimulating and exciting to look forward to.  

Spoil yourself with a new hobby

I also start with a series of hobbies in this issue. Follow Klaen to read about different hobbies. Read about our first hobby in “How can crochet make you feel better?”.

Do you have an exciting hobby that you are enthusiastic about? Please share it with us in the comments below.


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