Klaen perspective: Communication

Klaen perspective: Communication

Communication is one of the essential skills that you can master. It is the way that you express your needs and wants. It enables you to understand and know another person and smooths a relationship. Ineffective communication is the most common factor in divorce. Communication is vital in your personal as well as your work life. It comprises your ability to use words appropriately, including tone of voice and body language.

What can you expect in this issue?

In this issue of Klaen, you can read all about communication. Start with “Secrets to successful communication that you did not know” to learn about the importance of successful communication. You will know how communication works and what you need for valuable interactions. 

Then you can read “Your ultimate guide to good communication” to find ten cornerstones necessary for effective interaction. You will find that your attitude plays a significant role in the effectiveness of your communication.

In the third article, “Habits that make your communication go horribly wrong,” you will learn what not to do when you communicate with people around you. Often, we do not even realize what we do and say and how we do and say it. This article will make you aware of the little daily pitfalls that can damage daily interactions.

Conflict is part of human interaction, and conflict management is a critical skill. Read how to deal with conflict in “Do you know how to manage conflict? Ways that will help” You will find five strategies and a practical way to deal with conflict.

As always, there is something for our parents. Teach your child how to communicate from a very young age. You prepare her for a promising future with valuable relationships. In “Easy ways to teach your child to communicate clearly,” you will find practical ways and games to teach essential communication skills. 

And then you can spoil yourself

One of the essential categories of the magazine is “Spoil yourself.” Most women were not raised to look after themselves. Hopefully, these ideas will motivate you to spend valuable time with yourself. Read in “Spoil yourself with a new hobby” the value of being absorbed in an exciting hobby. 

Since a new hobby is beneficial, I decided to present different hobbies to you. In each issue, I will briefly discuss an exciting hobby. Some you will know, and others will be new. With a bit of luck, you will find something interesting that you can pursue. In our first article, “How can crochet make you feel better?” you can read more about crochet.

So, now you can sit down and enjoy all the articles in the magazine. And please let me know what you think.



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