Spoil yourself with special time alone

Spoil yourself with special time alone

Spoil yourself with special time alone? So how can you do that? In this volume of Klaen, you learned about boundaries. Boundaries apply to all areas of your life. It does not only include your relationships with people. These limits also apply to other relationships like food, clothes, money, and time. The results may be upsetting if we do not stay within certain boundaries with these aspects. Having loose boundaries with food may be unhealthy as you sit with extra pounds that you find difficult to shed. Unhealthy boundaries with money can result in debt that adds much stress and unhappiness to your life. If you have unhealthy time boundaries, you may bite off more than you can chew. So, setting boundaries is one of the most important ways to improve your overall health and happiness. 

When you set your limits, one of the most important tasks you have is to make time for yourself. Some of us need more time alone than others, and it is vital to block out enough time for ourselves. Time alone means to be alone and do what is essential to you. You may be far too willing to put the time needs and wants of family and friends before your own. Spending time alone is a requirement for sound mental health and personal growth.

So, what are the benefits of being alone with yourself?

  • You will get to know yourself better, enabling you to find your voice. You will learn to trust your own opinions more and may be surprised at the level of knowledge and wisdom that you have.
  • It will empower you to voice your ideas and build trust in your decisions. When you spend more time getting to know yourself, you will live with authenticity.
  • Being alone can boost creativity. Once your rewind and the pressure are off, you tend to be more resourceful.
  • You can plan your life. When you are extremely busy, you will lack time to sit and plan essential things like meetings or vacations. You can also use the time to realign with dreams and goals.
  • Alone time improves mental health. When you have lower levels of stress, you tend to be happier.

But if you become used to not keeping your time limits, you may not even know what to do with time once you have it available. Remember, the idea is not to sit in misery. It is to be happy and content. So, schedule the time and make the mind shift. Let us look at some suggestions for you.

How to spoil yourself with special time alone – things to do

Allow yourself to ease into alone time.

If you are not used to alone time, give yourself time to ease into it. You will have to learn to be alone again. Give it time.

Put your phone away

Now is not the time to be busy with your friends on the phone. This time is for you. Learn to self-validate your feelings instead of depending on others.

Rest and relax

You can listen to your favorite music, read, or even sleep. Or, go for a long slow walk in nature.

Start with a self-care basket.

It is a fun way to learn what your needs are again. Add to the basket when you think of something and pull something out when you have time alone. It will give some direction.

Write in your journal.

It is often difficult to find time for journaling — use the peace and quiet to sit and spend all the time you need to write down your thoughts and feelings.

Try meditation

Meditation is an excellent way to quiet the mind and the body. There are many videos and podcasts to assist you. When you subscribe to Klaen magazine, you can listen to a free exercise for finding your inner strength. 

Use the time for self-improvement.

Learn to play a new instrument or spend the time on that course that you bought months ago. 

Start a hobby

There are many exciting hobbies that you can try. Or pick up on an old one that you did not have time for recently. You can start with something easy like coloring or go back to crochet like your granny used to do. The possibilities are endless. 

In the following issues, we will explore some hobbies that you can try.


So go ahead, spoil yourself with special time alone. This time is for you to spend on yourself. It must be for your benefit. And you owe it to yourself to be kind to yourself.

Please share this article with your friends that need alone time and ideas on how to spend their time alone.

And share with us how you will spend your special time alone in the comments below.


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