Klaen perspective: boundaries

Klaen perspective: Boundaries

The war between Ukraine and Russia is currently big news in the world. Relations between the two countries have been strenuous since 2014. Things got worse recently when Russia invaded Ukrainian borders from the North, East, and South. The Ukrainians fiercely resisted the Russians. But the effects of the war are detrimental. Apart from the losses of life on both sides, millions of people are displaced. Adding to that, it has a damaging effect on the whole world.

The war reminded me of the crucial aspect of healthy living: boundaries. Boundaries refer to the rules that we use to live our lives. You choose how you want to behave in relationships with yourself and others. You can also state your expectations of how others must treat you. And when someone oversteps your boundaries like Russia did in Ukraine, you can expect a reaction that will have consequences for the relationship. In this issue of Klaen, you can read a lot more about setting and respecting boundaries and the consequences of infringing on them.

The article Strong personal boundaries – What do you know about it?” tells you what boundaries are and why they are essential. You will understand the kind of limits that you need to set to protect yourself. 

But boundaries are only valuable if you know how to set appropriate limits. Learn how to set them in 10 Ways to set strong and healthy personal boundaries”Here you will find what you need to know to set healthy boundaries. It also provides techniques to use when stating your limits.

Knowing how to set limits is one of the most critical skills we need in life. Therefore, it just makes sense to start teaching our children that they can and must set boundaries from a young age. Learn how to teach your child this important skill in How to teach your child to set healthy boundaries.” 

And then, you can also use the infomercial in “How to know what healthy boundaries are” to keep you on track. Here you can see the differences between healthy and unhealthy limits. Print it out and put it where you can see it. 

Remember that boundaries are set to keep you safe and live honest with yourself in all your relationships. Part of keeping yourself safe is to block time out to spoil yourself. This time you can spoil yourself with time on your own. You may crave it but may not know how to do it. Or perhaps you are not used to taking time off, but you can learn how in the article Spoil yourself with special time alone.” Start slowly, and soon you will realize the value of being alone.

And now you can sit back and enjoy our new issue. I hope you will find the articles valuable and share them with your friends.


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