How to know what healthy boundaries are

How to know what healthy boundaries are

Do you know what healthy boundaries are? It is not always easy to distinguish between healthy and unhealthy boundaries. This infomercial provides you with guidelines to recognize unhealthy boundaries. Remember that the value of healthy boundaries is to keep you safe. It also allows you to be true to yourself in relationships.

Unhealthy boundaries can be rigid or porous. Neither of these will enable you to negotiate healthy relationships. Therefore, it is essential to think carefully about the limits you want to set.

Use the guidelines below to evaluate your boundaries. You can come back to these principles whenever you feel uncomfortable about a situation. They may help you to reconsider your rules.

Also, use the following to help you reconsider your boundaries.

Think about your past experiences

Thinking about what worked and what did not work in the past may help you set more practical limits. It is always beneficial to learn from past successes and mistakes.

Be conscious

Try to be aware of your thought processes and feelings. When you feel angry or abused or think badly about yourself, it is a warning that you must adapt to your boundaries.


Writing down what you think enables you to create enough distance to be less emotional and find more effective solutions to challenging situations.

Learn from others

Watch and learn what other people say and do. Evaluate how you can benefit from the methods that they use. Read books, listen to podcasts, and watch movies that can help set healthy boundaries.

And lastly, remember when you react instinctively, you would probably rather accommodate others instead of valuing yourself.

How to know what healthy boundaries are

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