Nerissa Cannon

Who is Nerissa Cannon?

Sometimes life takes something away from us. It can then be challenging to accept our new reality. It is what happened to Nerissa Cannon. She progressively started to lose motor control of her legs in 2013. Nerissa became increasingly unable to keep her balance. It got worse to the extent that she used crutches or a wheelchair. The reason for her disability was unknown. Doctors could not determine the cause of her illness.

Nerissa has struggled with mental illness before. With the deterioration of her mobility, she fell into a deep depression. She kept on asking why this was happening to her. Nerissa did not know how to move forward in her new reality.

“I confided in a close friend that I was done. I couldn’t see past my despair and loss, and I no longer wanted to live. Who was I if I couldn’t do what brought me fulfillment? My friend somehow persuaded me to hold out for another 6 months. She told me if I felt the same in 6 months I could end my pain, and she would understand. I decided to commit to this deadline.”, Nerissa revealed.

Nerissa accepted the challenge

So, Nerissa decided to make the most of the challenge. She decided to do anything in her power to turn things around. Nerissa has been an avid rock climber. But now she had to find new activities to do. Nerissa started to think about things that she would like to do in the future. She went out in nature and learned new skills. So, her thoughts slowly changed from what she lacks to what she still can offer and do. With this, her adventurous and creative self has awakened again. Her vision widened, but she still struggled with insecurities and self-doubt. However, she found people who kept her motivated to go through the tough stretches.

Nerissa Cannon

Recently she climbed her first 14,000-foot mountain in Colorado with the help of twenty-seven amazing people. It took them five hours to reach the Summit. “You need to think forward and move forward. Only then can you reach your Summit.”, she said. And “The best things in life are accomplished through teamwork.”

After bouncing back from extreme adversity, Nerissa Cannon shows us what resilience means. What a strong, brave woman she is!

Do you know a brave and resilient woman? Please share your story with us in the comments below.


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