Klaen Perspective: Resilience

We are through the first month of the new year. Little by little, a bit of normality is returning to our lives. But some of us are still reeling due to the effect of the pandemic. We are trying to cope with the losses that we suffered. And we still do not know if the coronavirus is done with us. It is now the time that we need extra stamina and strength to continue through the year. So, this issue is about resilience.

Resilience indicates your ability to bounce back after adversity. But how do you do manage to do that? In our article Emotional resiliency: what to love about it?” you can learn about the 7 factors that make up resilience. These are the backbone of a resilient person. Assess yourself against these factors. You may be more resilient than you think!

However, if you need to improve your resilience, you will find ways in the10 ways to be resilient” article. This article provides practical ideas to improve your strength. But you must practice these skills every day to become competent in resiliency.

You may want to teach your child to be resilient as well. In “Easy Ways to Raise a resilient child”, you will find ways to raise a resilient child. Lay the foundation at a young age, and your child may surprise you with her strength and resilience.

As always, I introduce you to a person that is a role model for us all. Our person of the month is Nerissa Cannon. Read about her in “Who is Nerissa Cannon? She is an example that will inspire you to become even stronger.

If you read the articles I mentioned, you will realize that self-care is essential if you want to be a strong woman. Therefore, I want you to take care of yourself. Spoil yourself with a fresh 90-second microwave bread. Fresh bread is soul food, and this recipe is easy and tasteful.

I hope that this edition of Klaen will empower you enough to take on the new year’s challenges. And with this, I say: Seize the day with confidence!


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