90-second microwave bread

A 90-second microwave bread – is it possible?

A tasty 90-second microwave bread? How is that possible? We know that it takes time to bake a loaf of bread. To my surprise, I found out that it is indeed possible. Let me tell you my story.

After the first holiday with my family in two years, more of me came back home that left in early December. I gained some unwanted weight. Initially, I attributed it to the weight of a heart full of love and joy. However, by middle January, I realized that not my heart but the rolls around my middle contributed to the high number on the scale. So, I knew that I must do something about it.

My solution

My method of choice was a low carb eating plan. It suited me because I love fatty meats and all kinds of vegetables. However, after only a week, I started to miss the tasty soul food. I missed pasta and rice, and I longed for a piece of toast with cheese, honey, or anything else. Fortunately, Google is my friend, and I started researching low carb loaves of bread. 

To my surprise, there were many substitutes for this one of my favourite foods. So, I started to experiment with the recipes that I found. It was not as easy as I thought. Firstly, the bread is more like a pan bread that you make with eggs and baking powder. Without flour and yeast, the loaves were kind of flat. And I soon learned that you could not press the dough in the pan. It will not rise but will come out of the oven like a pancake.

I am a lazy cook, but I started beating the eggs till they were white and fluffy. It helped a lot, and soon my bread appeared more appetizing and was remarkably flavorful. As a result, I found myself without my morning toast way too often. I wanted a quicker solution. So, I asked Mr Google for advice again. I tested a few recipes which mainly consisted of almond or coconut flour, eggs, some oil, and baking powder. The recipe I chose to share with you is quick, easy, and tasty. I found it on Gimme Delicious.

Ingredients for the 90-second microwave bread

3 tablespoons of almond flour

1 tablespoon of melted butter (or olive oil if you prefer)

1 large egg (beaten)

½ teaspoon of baking powder (fresh!)

pinch of salt

10cm ramekin or square microwave bowl


Oil the ramekin well.

Beat the egg till it is light and fluffy.

Add the rest of the ingredients and mix well.

Pour into the ramekin

Bake in the microwave for 90 seconds.

It is easy to remove from the ramekin if you let it cool.

90-second microwave bread

How to dish it up

To my mind, there are two variations for this 90-second microwave bread. It depends on how you want to use the bread. 

Variation 1

  • Cut the bread sideways in the middle
  • Toast it in a skillet with a tad of butter
  • This bread has a slight eggy taste and goes best with a breakfast like bacon and eggs.
  • Make an eggburger.
  • Add lettuce, tomato, onion and a thick patty to build a mouthwatering burger.
  • It is delicious with avocado and smoked salmon.
  • Try it with spinach and feta.
  • Use cream cheese and black olives.
  • Top with creamy mushrooms.
  • For a quick meal, you can top it with beans.

Variation 2

Use this variation of the 90-second microwave bread if you do not like the eggy taste or want something sweet.

  • Instead of using a whole egg, use the egg white and save the yolk for later. Beat until white and fluffy. You can reduce the salt and add a ¼ teaspoon of sugar or Xylitol. Your bread will be light and fluffy.
  • Cut your bread sideways in the middle.
  • Now toast in the skillet with butter.
  • Eat with cheese and honey, or jam of your choice.
  • Try cream cheese and berries, or add thick cream.
  • Sliced fruit like banana, peach, and apple.
  • Nutella!
90-second microwave bread

Please share exciting toppings that you tried with this yummy 90-second microwave bread.


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