Summer Walker's life with anxiety

Summer Walker’s life with anxiety

Summer Walker’s life with anxiety? The title does not make sense. We know Summer Walker as a famous singer and songwriter, and she is worth $4 million. How is it possible that she struggles with social anxiety? And what is social anxiety?

What is social anxiety?

According to the NHS, “social anxiety disorder, also called social phobia, is a long-term and overwhelming fear of social situations.” This person may sweat, blush, have a rapid heart rate, and tremble between other people. They may feel nauseous or feel their minds go blank. A person living with social anxiety is scared to be embarrassed when interacting with people. They are self-conscious when people watch them and may avoid social situations. 

Canceled Concerts

Summer Walker has been open about her social anxiety. In November 2019, she canceled 20 out of 29 concerts because of her disability. “I’m not going to be able to finish this tour because it doesn’t really coexist with my social anxiety and my introverted personality,” was posted on Instagram. She said that her mental health is essential and that she hoped that her fans would respect that.

Social anxiety

Fans critized Summer severely. Some people accused her of not being honest. They watched her social media posts and deducted that she does not look and sound anxious at all. But there is a significant difference between social media and social situations.

You are put on the spot in a social situation and must manage what is thrown at you. During social interactions you must think on your feet and handle rejection, sarcasm, and sometimes embarrassment. You must be comfortable if people watch you closely.

When you prepare a social media post, you can take, retake, and edit a video a hundred times if you want. You have time to compose the perfect social media message. And most importantly, you do not have to look anybody in the eye. You are removed from the direct social interaction. 

A brave woman

So, put yourself in Summer’s shoes. You have outstanding talent, and you are extraordinarily successful. Your fans love you. They want to talk to you, touch you, and ask for your autograph. But you have social anxiety. Imagine the emotional energy it takes to manage that situation. You must be fearless. But it takes its toll, and your energy runs dry. Would you be able to manage a life with anxiety?

Social anxiety

What would you do?

Summer makes another bold decision. She changes her lifestyle. Instead of concerts, she now focuses on producing albums. Her fans get to know the real Summer through social media, and she finds herself in a safe space. She also educates her fans on the challenges she faces while living with social anxiety. What a courageous woman!

Do not let anxiety define you. You can still be successful and brave!

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Will you share your life with anxiety to encourage Klaen women?

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