Spoil yourself with a coconut and custard fridge tartlet

Spoil yourself with a delightful coconut and custard fridge tartlet

You can spoil yourself with a delightful coconut and custard fridge tartlet this month. Those of you who read our previous issue may remember that one of our readers shared a quick and easy recipe for a fridge tart. With only two necessary ingredients and no baking, it is possibly the easiest and fastest tart you will ever make.

Ingredients for the coconut and custard fridge tartlet

  • 1 packet of coconut biscuits
  • 1 packet of custard
  • Cream
  • Unsalted nuts
  • Glazed cherries
  • 2 small ramekins
Two necessary ingredients

Method for making your coconut and custard fridge tartlet

Cover the base of the ramekin with custard

Add one layer of coconut biscuits

Layer the biscuits on a bed of custard

Add another layer of custard.

Follow up with a layer of coconut biscuits.

Follow up with a layer of biscuits

Continue until the ramekin is full.

The last layer must be a custard layer.

Put the ramekins in the refrigerator for a few hours

Put in the fridge for a few hours

Remove the tartlets from the fridge.

Whip the cream tightly and add on top of your tartlet.

Decorate your delightful coconut and custard fridge tartlet with cherries, nuts, or rainbow vermicelli.

coconut and custard fridge tartlet

Enjoy a pudding with your main meal or a sweet treat with your afternoon coffee.

coconut and custard fridge tartlet

The biscuits soften, even with cold custard, making a delightful, layered tartlet.

Optional ingredients

  • Adding a drop or two of sherry between the layers will give extra flavor.
  • Layers of fine nuts will add a little crunch.
  • You can even use chocolate flavored custard if you prefer a chocolate tartlet. Add chocolate mousse or chocolate vermicelli on top.


According to the initial recipe, you must break the biscuits into small pieces and mix them with the custard. Instead, I chose to layer the whole biscuit in a bed of custard. It gave a beautiful, layered tartlet.

You can treat your guests to a beautiful little pudding if you have enough ramekins. You can also use more ingredients and make a bigger fridge tart for your family or friends. They will love you for it! OR you can peacefully enjoy it on your own…

We all sometimes need a little tender caring. Perhaps you have a friend who desperately needs to be spoiled. Maybe a bit of us-time spent together can make a huge difference in her day? Throw in a glass of wine or coffee and this sweet treat. Then experience the value it adds.

How about that?

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