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Klaen Perspective: Anxiety

And just like that, it is December! The year was long and full of uncertainties, but suddenly it was over. Some of you are looking forward to a quiet, restful time. Others prefer to finally socialize with friends and family. And then some anticipate the festive season with anxiety and foreboding. The prevalence of anxiety doubled in the past months. The pandemic we find ourselves in is to blame. Our lives have completely changed, and I, for one, do not appreciate our new normal.

The pandemic is not over yet, and the impact will only become clear much later. But we need not wait so long to attend to our worries to manage our lives better. Therefore, we address the issue of anxiety in this issue.

You can read about June, a businessperson who manages her pressure like an expert. In the interview, she explains how she experiences anxiety and why. She also shares her way of handling her chronic pressure. You are not alone!

Secondly, you can find an explanation of the three cornerstones of anxiety. Here you will learn the difference between anxiety and panic attacks. You will recognize the symptoms and know who is more inclined to struggle with stress.

This issue will be worthless if you do not know how to manage your pressure. Therefore, we provide suggestions on how to cope with anxiety successfully . You will find valuable ideas to experiment with. Keep going until you find the ones that work best for you.

Our children were severely affected by the pandemic. It disturbed their social relationships, education, family, and daily routine. Uncertainty breeds anxiety. It is essential to know how to help your child with anxiety. So, you can also discover ways to relieve your child’s stress quickly.

Summer Walker is our “Who is?” person of the month. She struggles with social anxiety. Being a famous singer and songwriter makes it all the more strenuous. Learn how she lives with this problem.

And last but not least, you can spoil yourself with a delicious and very easy little fridge tartlet. You deserve it!

Anxiety can be debilitating. However, if you take ownership of your problem, you can deal with the issues. Only then can you take responsibility and act. You can learn from the experiences of other women. But you need to find ways that work for you. There are many suggestions in this issue. The responsibility is yours.

Be brave and determined. And remember: You are a courageous woman!

How to cope with anxiety

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