Did you know that autism can genuine be an advantage?

Did you know that autism can be a genuine advantage?

Did you know that Autism can be a genuine advantage? If this is true, you may have to think differently about people with Autism. You know that a person with Autism is different. But does being different necessarily mean defective? We may not correctly understand Autism. Can a person with Autism have an advantage in certain spheres? Read more about autism in “Do you actually understand the challenges of autism?”

Autistic people have strengths and abilities that relate to their diagnosis.

The most significant challenges for a person with Autism are social skills and communication. It can be a considerable drawback in our society. But people can excel in many ways. Obviously, the level of functioning is essential. Let us look at characteristics that can make autism a genuine advantage.

An advantage of Autism is to think in peculiar ways 

  • They solve problems in unique ways
  • Are strong in areas like mathematics, science, and engineering
  • Think and learn in visual ways
  • Memorise and learn quickly
  • Think logically
  • Have an excellent memory
  • Can concentrate, particularly when motivated
  • Learn to read at an early age
  • Are precise and detail orientated with a strong drive for perfection
  • Have a remarkable sense of direction
Did you know that autism can genuine be an advantage?
Solve problems in a unique way

Alternative advantages for the workplace

  • They view the world in fresh ways
  • Are dependable when it comes to routines and schedules
  • Stick to rules
  • They are punctual
  • Are especially honest and reliable

With these strengths and abilities, a person with Autism can be a genuine advantage in relevant fields of work. An environment that does not depend on social interactions and skills will be ideal. The following can be great jobs for a person with Autism.

Promising careers for people that live with Autism


Software engineering and computer programming can be promising careers for a person with Autism. However, it requires strong skills in mathematics. And she must understand complex systems and have an awareness of order and succession. So, in this field autism can be a genuine advantage

Did you know that autism can genuine be an advantage?


Scientific research requires meticulous thinking and mindfulness. Procedures and routines must be followed strictly. Fortunately, there are many scientific fields where Autism can genuinely have an advantage. And apart from being a scientist, she can choose to be a laboratory technician or research assistant.

Animal-related jobs 

Animals can be of great comfort and company to anyone. They help people to stay calm and grounded. People with Autism often bond more with animals than with humans. A veterinarian, dog trainer, veterinary assistant, or pet groomer career may be a first-rate choice.

Assembly-line manufacturing

A characteristic of Autism is repetitive actions and movements. So, work that entails repetitive motions may work for these individuals. Rebuilding and sorting may be a good choice. Working on an assembly line involves repetition. It may be a good job to consider.

These are only a few possibilities of future jobs for a child with Autism. Although Autism is a debilitating disorder, many people with Autism made great success in their lives. Many became stars. The following celebrities were diagnosed with Autism:

Did you know that autism can genuine be an advantage?
Sir Anthony Hopkins

Celebrities show that autism can be a genuine advantage

  • Susan Boyle, a Scottish singer, are well-known in the third series of Britain’s Got Talent. She was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome. 
  • Tony DeBlois began playing the piano at age two. He excels at music plays 20 musical instruments. DeBlois can perform more than 8,000 pieces by memory! He is a blind, autistic savant.
  • Temple Grandin is an author and professor at Colorado State University. When she was diagnosed, it was recommended she be institutionalised. Grandin has become an expert in animal sciences. She was one of TIME Magazine’s “100 Most Influential People.”
  • Daryl Hannah starred in the Hollywood films Blade RunnerWall StreetSplash, and Steel Magnolias. She falls on the autism spectrum.
  • Sir Anthony Hopkins received an Oscar for portraying Hannibal Lecter in The Silence of the Lambs. He was diagnosed with high-functioning Asperger’s Syndrome. At 83, he was rewarded with an Oscar for his role as a man suffering from dementia in “The Father”.
  • Clay Marzo, a surfer, won many competitions as a teenager. He received two perfect 10’s at the age of 15 at a National Scholastic Surfing Association. Marzo is still a successful competitive surfer.
  • Dr Vernon Smith, a professor of economics at Chapman University, won the Nobel Prize in 2002. Smith is open about having Asperger’s Syndrome. He said: “I do not feel any social pressure to do things the way other people are doing them, professionally. And so, I have been more open to different ways of looking at a lot of the problems in economics.”
  • Satoshi Tajir’s most famous creation is Pokemon. Satoshi Tajiri is on the high-functioning end of the Autism Spectrum. 
Did you know that autism can genuine be an advantage?

Many more famous people are rumoured to be on the autistic spectrum:

  • Woody Allen 
  • Charles Darwin 
  • Thomas Edison 
  • Albert Einstein
  • Alfred Hitchcock 
  • Lionel Messi 
  • Sir Isaac Newton 
  • Steve Jobs 
  • Tim Buton 
  • Bill Gates 
  • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
  • Hans Christian Andersen

Many people that live with Autism can live independently and make a massive success in their careers. But, it depends on their severity on the spectrum and their functionality in their area of competence. Do not allow a label like Autism to keep anyone from having an incredibly fulfilling career.

And remember, Autism can be a genuine advantage!

Would you share suitable career choices for people with Autism?

If you have Autism or know someone with Autism, you are the perfect person to help Klaen readers by sharing your strengths and abilities.


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