Klaen Perspective: Courage

We can all agree that the past months have been challenging. The coronavirus overturned everything that we knew as normal and safe. For many people, basic needs like a balanced diet, healthcare and education could not be met. Breadwinners lost their income as economies slowly ground to a halt. Lockdowns forced loved ones apart at a time when everybody was most vulnerable. Support groups in our communities became masked strangers. Working from home and home-schooling changed daily routines. It isolated us from most needed social interaction. Most traumatic was the loss of beloved family and friends who died a lonely death in a hospital. And in the centre of these distressing events are the women of the world.

Many cultures perceive women as the weaker sex. And yet, in these gruelling times, they show an inner strength as solid and pure as a diamond. According to the WHO, 70% of health workers are women. More than half of teachers in the world are female. Women are vital to the quality of family life. The mother is the axis around which everything in the family revolves. Children and relatives turn to her for understanding, protection, love, and care. Women are the angels that go around in their communities. They comfort, nurture, and support the members. They are the safety nets that catch those that tumble. And then they also bear their own pain and trauma.

A new perspective

Women often forget to give themselves the credit they deserve for being courageous. Therefore, the vision of this magazine is to illustrate the nerve and boldness of womenkind. It reminds women that they can be confident in themselves and live with guts and a daring spirit. You can change your perspective of yourself.

Klaen is a mini-magazine for courageous women. So, it is fitting to delve into the truth about courage and what it means to be courageous in the very first issue. You can discover how you can pluck up your courage and how to teach your children to be brave. And there will always be a special suggestion on how to spoil yourself.

Welcome to the Klaen of courageous women!

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